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smiling_blond's Journal

Seguchi Tohma
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  • smiling_blond@livejournal.com
Character personality: Behind that ever present, ever adorable smile, is the mind of a cunning businessman. He can be manipulative and selfish, when it comes to the person he loves most.

Keyboard player for Nittle Grasper and Mika's (Yuki's sister)husband. He is the head of N-G recording company, and his knowledge of business and music surpasses that of most people. Tohma is very protective of Eiri Yuki, and feels that it is his fault that Eiri murdered his tutor, because he was the one who took him to America in the first place. He claims to care for Yuki more than anything in the world and almost had Taki Aizawa, a member of the N-G records band ASK, killed for hurting Eiri. Tohma also always tries to split Eiri and Shuichi up.